“Lets document stories of Victims of the Liberian Civil War for remembrance.”


Fostering Unity, and Protecting Our Peace for Development and Prosperity In Liberia thereby remembering our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, friends who lost their live during Liberia’s civil war..


“There is general agreement that efforts to build sustainable peace in post-conflict states are not durable without equally establishing the rule of law. Rule of Law in this instance presupposes remedies and redress for violations, and dedicated efforts to seek closure to the past and forge a peaceful future.” — Mr. Yacoub El Hillo


Between 1989 and 2003, a brutal civil war ravaged the nation leading to the death of close to 250,000 people. Women were raped and mutilated; warlords recruited child soldiers to fuel the conflict; tens of thousands of people were displaced and fled the country. As Liberians we owe it to our mothers, sisters, brothers who died in cold blood to not be oblivious of their passed thereby remembering to maintain and keep the peace always.

Recent Stories

A boy who father died just for young Sonyah to live

When I think about what my father did for me, I feel sad, because he showed to me that even if he died, I should live. He sacrificed his life for me during the Lutheran Church Massacre